Harvesting olives

Olive harvest 2010

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Gorgeous olives
For the first time in several years, we were able to pick a full crop. The weather actually cooperated, and the wind didn't blow all the olives off the tree! We were very excited to see also how healthy all the olives were. We don't spray our trees, and I'm always a little anxious about "bichos" that might attack the trees, but so far, so good!

So once again, Kenton and I, with help from the dogs, picked olives for about a month - with 850 trees to shake, that is a lot of olives!

There were enough olives for 2 full presses. As usual, we used Raphael's old-fashioned press in the village, where the olive mash is placed between mats, and slowly pressed over several hours, using only hydraulic pressure. Unlike most so called "cold pressed olive oil", we can truthfully say our oil is cold pressed.

With our good harvest, we now have extra Yunquera Gold to use and sell this year, which is wonderful! For the first time, we can offer our regular customers the opportunity to buy in volume, rather than a few bottles at a time.

It's now almost ready to sell, after spending 3 months in the barrel. This time allows the olive sediment to "settle", resulting in a wonderfully clear, golden, flavourful olive oil.

Once again, a vintage year for Yunquera Gold !