Harvesting olives

Olive picking FAQs

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We took advantage of our great weather this year to put together some footage of the process, for those of you who may never have even seen an olive tree! But first, to answer some FAQ’s...

Do you have to sort the ripe olives from the green ones?
No, they all go in the press together.

Isn’t the oil made just from the green olives?
No. It depends on what type of olive oil you like. For example the Greeks like a sharp, green olive oil, so they pick their olives when they are fairly green. In Spain, the taste is for a bit softer oil, so usually there is a good mix of green and black.

How do you know when they are just the right ripeness to be able to be shaken from the tree?
We always pick at the same time of year. The olives ripen at a pretty consistent rate, so you know roughly when they will be ready to pick. Here, from Dec – end of February is the season, and that is also when the press is open!

How long does the whole process take per tree?
Depends on the tree, the terrain, and how many olives are on the tree. This year, a good tree might take 20 minutes each to shake, as you have to shake each branch. Also, some varieties of olives fall from the tree more easily than others!

How many trees do you have?
About 850.

Do you do the process several times for the various lengths of ripening?
Nope. We pick until we have enough to press.

And now...the video!