Harvesting olives

Olive harvest 2013

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First look at this year's Yunquera Gold - magnificent!
You may not know this, but olive trees have 'on' and 'off' years. One year the harvest will be large, the next year not so much. It's a normal part of a farmer's life, and one that we've learned to live with.

So after last year's big harvest, we were expecting a smaller crop, and that is exactly what happened. We hired our good workmen again (Miguel and Miguel) and it was completed in a couple of days.

Once again we were blessed with gorgeous weather. Once again, I fixed lunch for the guys - arroz one day, and patatas frita con chorizo the next. Both recipes are in the Recipes section of the blog!

The olives were lovely and healthy, and although we have less oil than last year, it's already tasting superb. It is still a bit cloudy, but oh man, the taste! It's delicious, fresh, grassy and sharp, with a soft, fruity undertone.

Can't wait to have it on fresh cut tomatoes this summer!