Yunquera recipes

Some of our favourite local recipes! They taste best when cooked over an open fire in the campo, but try them in your kitchen, too!

Arroz with chicken and chorizo

This is actually "paella", but Manuel says if it contains meat, it’s arroz, not paella. I tend to think he made that up! ...more


The yummiest grilled snack on earth! ...more

Green Tomato and Pear Chutney

A wonderful way to use up those green tomatoes! ...more

Casa Tyr Lemonade

Lemonade like you've never had before! ...more


Manuel says you can only call it paella if it only contains seafood - if it has meat in it, it is "Arroz" ...more

Sopa de picadillo

Your granny's chicken soup - Yunquera style! ...more

Sopa y bollo

Campo soup with a deluxe follow-up ...more

Patata frita

A one dish potato meal really hits the spot ...more

Spinach with garlic and egg

Even those who are not fond of spinach will love this dish! ...more

Cebolla con Patatas Cateto y Huevos

Onions with rustic potatoes and eggs ...more

Almejas pil-pil

Small clams and garlic - my favourite recipe! ...more

Almejas pil-pil

Small clams and garlic - one of my favourites! ...more


Pork ribs, rice and vegetables make a tasty lunch! ...more


A yummy combination of fried breadcrumbs, pancetta and chorizo ...more